After a couple of years, Lola’s is back in historic downtown Leesburg!

Not a new bakery, alas — but our fresh-baked cookies are now available each weekend at the Very Virginia Shop.

You might remember that our little bakery once shared a building with Very Virginia: We opened our doors at the same time in 2006, with Very Virginia in the front of the pink house and Lola’s in the back.

Lola and Leo
Lola and Leo the Leesburg Bear

Very Virginia’s owner Sola Pallotta has been a great supporter of Lola’s ever since. (Sola is a great supporter of everything Leesburg. Besides selling lots of local goods, she books all the music acts that make First Fridays so much fun.)

For quite a while now, Sola has wanted me to sell cookies through her store. This fall she asked again, and the timing was finally right.

So here’s the scoop: Very Virginia is located nowadays in the heart of the historic district, at 16 South King Street. Each weekend, from Friday afternoon through Sunday, it sells my trademark Ginger Chocolate Cookies and M&M Cookies, each in packs of three.

While you’re getting your Lola’s fix, I hope you’ll linger in Very Virginia. It’s a charming shop full of local flavor: Foods and merchandise from right here in Leesburg, from Loudoun County, and from Virginia more broadly. If you need a gift with some Leesburg character, it’s a terrific place to shop.

In fact, this is the perfect time of year to rediscover all the shops in our lovely downtown. Stroll around with a Lola cookie in your hand — what could be better on a fall day?